Stanford University

Peer Advisors

Winter 2022-2023 Math Peer Advising

Mondays, 2:30pm-3:30pm (Annika)

Tuesdays, 10:30am-11:30am (Shaunak)

Wednesdays, 9:30am-10:30am (Alessandra)

Thursdays, 1:30pm-2:30pm (Annika)


Peer Advising will be held Undergraduate Workspace in 380-382T. Any changes to this schedule and location will be communicated through email and this website.

Annika Mauro

amauro [at]

Alessandra Maranca

arpm [at]

Shaunak Bhandarkar

shaunakb [at]

About Annika:

Annika Mauro is a senior majoring in math who plans to attend mathematics graduate school and co-term in CS. The areas of math she most enjoys are algebra and number theory. She has spent the last three summers doing mathematics research, most recently at the SMALL REU. At Stanford, she is currently the President of SUMO and has previously been a TA for Euler Circle and SUMO Financial Officer.

About Alessandra:

Alessandra is a junior majoring in math, interested in applied math in the social sciences. She has done summer research in mathematical phylogenetics in the Rosenberg Lab and in causal models to understand civil wars onset in the PoliSci department. She also frequently participates in the DRP, having studied the mathematics of gerrymandering and applied fuzzy set theory. This year she is on the board for SWIMM. She plans to coterm in sociology and attend graduate school to study mathematical sociology. 

About Shaunak:

Shaunak is a junior majoring in math and Symbolic Systems. He is interested in algebra and topology, and he has written expository papers relating to the field of algebraic number theory. Currently, he hopes to apply math to study the brain and is conducting research on developing biologically plausible neural network models of memory storage and retrieval. He has been a TA for the Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) and, this year, he is the Speaker Series Coordinator for SUMO. He hopes to attend graduate school, quite possibly in math.

Ask her about:

  • choosing classes each quarter
  • summer research and writing REU applications
  • getting involved in math communities such as SUMO
  • feeling discouraged in difficult math classes
  • planning for graduate school
  • and more!

Ask her about:

  • course selection and choosing majors

  • summer and academic year research opportunities

  • graduate school planning 

  • SWIMM (Stanford Women in Math Mentoring) and DRP (Direct Reading Program) 

  • how to handle the math major coming from underprivileged/minority backgrounds 

  • and more!

Ask him about:

  • choosing courses

  • summer research opportunities

  • getting through tough math classes

  • how to balance multiple academic interests (e.g. a double major)

  • and more!