Stanford University

Department Administration

Department Chair

(650) 723-1894
Building 380, 383-R

Director of Graduate Studies

(650) 724-6001
Building 380, 383-J

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Brian Conrad in front of a chalkboard
(650) 723-2972
Building 380, 383-CC

Director of Mathematics Research Center

(650) 736-6988
Building 380, 384-X

Administrative Staff

Finance Associate
(650) 725-1650
Staff Function:
Reimbursements for expenses (sponsored-research projects), Guidance to faculty, staff & students on "best practices" for travel
Maureen Bragger
(650) 723-2603
Staff Function:
Human Resources & Personnel Management, Payroll Administration, Postdoctoral Appointments, Exchange Visitor/Employment Visas, Faculty Affairs Back-up
Margarita Duenas
Research Financial Manager
(650) 723-0925
Mandy Ferguson Hoyt
Program Event Coordinator
(650) 725-1515
Staff Function:
Mathematics Research Center Events, Mathematics Research Center Visitors, Distinguished Lecture Receptions
Portrait of Gretchen Lantz
Student Services Manager
(650) 723-2601
Staff Function:
Graduate Degree Progress, Graduate Discretionary Travel Funds
Portait of Debbie Lemos
Director of Finance and Operations
(650) 723-2214
Staff Function:
Department Manager, Emergency Coordinator
Portrait of Jessica Levake
Student Services Specialist
650 736-2874
Staff Function:
Graders, Room Scheduling: Courses, Textbooks (ordering & desk copies), Undergraduate Degree Progress
Research Administrator
Staff Function:
Management of Grants (proposals, transfers, management of funds), Guidance to faculty & staff on "best practices" for compliance on sponsored grants
Administrative Associate
(650) 725-7938
Front Desk Administrator
(650) 725-6284
Staff Function:
Building Manager, Facilitate Guest Visits, Office Supplies and Equipment Maintenance