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The Stanford Math Department is involved in a variety of outreach efforts.

The Stanford Math Department sponsors a public lecture series at which prominent mathematicians and other public figures doing mathematics-related activities are brought to campus to deliver lectures aimed at a general audience. See the Public Lectures page on the Mathematics Research Center website for a list of recent past public lectures and our Public Lectures listing for announcements of future ones.

Additional Efforts:

The Stanford University Mathematical Organization (SUMO) is a by-students-for-students math club.

The Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) is a four-week residential summer program for highly talented and motivated high school students.

The Stanford Math Circle is an independent chapter of the internationally-known Math Circles program. It consists of weekly meetings, held on or near the Stanford campus, for students to learn about and/or work on problems involving advanced mathematical topics, guided by mathematicians and educators. There are currently three separate groups, for high school, middle school and elementary school students.

Both SUMaC and the Stanford Math Circle are currently administered by Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies (SPCS) in cooperation with the Math Department. SPCS is the organization within Stanford that coordinates and runs a large variety of outreach activities, including:

  1. Summer Institutes, a large number of residential summer programs in many disciplines, including other mathematics programs beyond SUMaC;
  2. Stanford Online High School, a fully online accredited high school;
  3. Stanford Summer College, a program where high school students can take a range of Stanford undergraduate courses during the summer quarter for credit;
  4. University-Level Online Courses, a collection of fully online courses in university-level math and physics.