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Math Minor

How to Declare

Students declare the minor in Axess. Declarations are reviewed about once per month and you will be contacted once your declaration is approved.



Contact mathstudentservices [at] (mathstudentservices[at]stanford[dot]edu).

The Math minor consists of 6 Math courses at or above Math 51 taken for a letter grade. Within the 6 Math courses, minors must complete at least 3 100-level Math courses.

Note: The CR/NC policy from the 2020-21 academic year does not extend beyond Summer 2021. From Autumn 2021 onwards all courses towards the Math major must be taken for a letter grade. 

How courses can be counted

Out of Department Courses as 100-level Math Courses

The following courses can be used toward the 100-level Math course requirement:

  • Stats 116 (no longer offered)
  • Stats 118 or 200 (at most one, but not both, and neither if Stats 116 is being used)
  • Phil 151
  • Phil 152
  • Math 56

No other courses outside of the Math Department can count in this way. There are no exceptions to this for any reason.

Intro Seminar Courses

Math IntroSem courses can be used toward the 100-level Math course requirement. Examples include: 

  • Math 77Q
  • Math 87Q
  • Math 83N 
Courses that CANNOT count toward the minor

Certain seminar, reading, and research courses in Math cannot be counted toward the minor. These include: 

  • MATH 193
  • Math 193X
  • Math 197
  • Math 198
  • Math 199 
  • Stats 117
Other Requirements

At least four (4) courses used for the minor must be taken at Stanford.

Transfer Credit

If you have transfer credit that you would like to use towards the minor requirements, please review and complete the steps on our Transfer Credit Process page.

Rule for Double-Counting Courses

No courses other than the Math 50/60CM/60DM series and first-year calculus may be double-counted toward any other University major or minor.