Stanford University

Room Reservations

The contact for room reservations depends on the purpose of the reservation. Please see the contacts listed below for each type of request. 

Academic (Course Related, Area Exam, Dissertation Defense)

Room reservations related to a Math course (office hours, review sessions, OAE exam accommodation rooms, etc.), or degree progress milestone (Area Exam, Dissertation Defense) are administered by the Student Services Specialist. To request a room for academic purposes, please submit the Room Reservation Webform and select the appropriate category (Course Related or Area Exam/Thesis Defense). The form will ask you for the following information:

  • Event Title (ie. Math 51 Midterm, Math 20 review session, etc.)
  • Date of the event (please indicate the actual date as opposed to “next Tuesday”)
  • Start and end time of the event (including AM or PM)
  • Number of seats needed (If you would like alternate seating for exams, please double your number. For example, if you have a class of 30 and require alternate seating for an exam, please request 60 seats.)
  • Room preference:
    • Course related reservations may only be made in rooms controlled by the Registrar’s Office, not department owned rooms. You can see Registrar controlled rooms schedule on 25 Live.
    • Area Exam and Dissertation Defense reservations may be made in department owned rooms or Registrar’s Office rooms. You can see the department owned rooms schedule on the Scheduling an Event Page.

Please note:

  • Please give as much notice as possible (ideally at least 3 business days). For rooms which are controlled by the Registrar’s Office it can take several days to for the reservation to be approved.
  • As soon as the confirmation is received by the Student Services staff it will be forwarded to you.
  • For rooms controlled by the Registrar’s Office, the following policies apply:
    • During the first two weeks of the quarter, the reservation will not be confirmed until the day before.
    • Reservation requests during peak class times, M-F, 8am-6pm, will be processed after the first two weeks of the quarter.


A seminar is generally defined as an ongoing, weekly event based around a specific focus or topic. Seminars are published on the department website and included in the weekly announcement email. To request a room for a seminar, including any "special" cases of unusual day or time, please submit the Room Reservation Webform.

Contact the Program Event Coordinator. 

MRC Sponsored Events (Conferences, Workshops, Distinguished Lecture Series, Public Lectures)

Sponsored conferences, workshops, and lecture series that both advance research areas and report on recent progress, bringing internationally known mathematicians to Stanford for consultation and collaboration and introduce young mathematicians to cutting-edge research in a variety of areas in the mathematical sciences. To request a room for an MRC sponsored event, please submit the Room Reservation Webform.

Contact the Program Event Coordinator.

Miscellaneous Events in Department Owned Spaces (383N, 383XX, 384H, 384I, and 4th Floor Lounge)

Any event held in a department owned space must be approved in advance by the department administration. If you wish to reserve a department owned space, please complete the Room Reservation Webform to initiate your request at least 2 weeks prior to your event. To check room availability see the Seminar Rooms and 4th Floor Lounge calendars.

If you have any questions about reserving department owned spaces, please contact the Front Desk Administrator.