Stanford University

Emergency Info

Important Safety Information for the Mathematics Department

If the Fire Alarm Sounds

  1. You must evacuate the building, but DO NOT use the elevator.
  2. Leave through the closest exit. Know this ahead of time by reviewing your nearest exits (select the correct floor plan by location).
  3. Go to the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) located at The Oval, adjacent to the Math Building. If you are teaching a class, please lead your students to the EAP.
  4. Report to Debbie Lemos and/or any member of the Emergency Team at the EAP who will check you off on the building roster (so we know that you have safely left the building).

If there is an Earthquake

Follow the same procedures as above. Listen for instructions, which may be given on the bullhorn. Remember to go to the Emergency Assembly Point.

If there is an Emergency on the Weekend or Outside Business Hours

Facilities:         650-723-2281

Emergency:     dial 9-911

Emergency Team

Rafe Mazzeo (Department Chair), Room: 381-R6, Phone: (650) 723-2604

Debbie Lemos (Department Manager), Room: 381-R2, Phone: (650) 723-2214 or (650) 387-2174

Olivia Doan (Emergency Coordinator), Room: 381-R3, Phone: (650) 723-2603

Emergency Supply Locations

First Aid Kits
Earthquake Kits (red backpack)
1st floor
381-R5 Workroom
381-R2, 381-S
2nd floor
382-T Lounge
382-R Kitchen
3rd floor
383-GG Kitchen
383-GG Kitchen
4th floor
380-B Lounge

Additional Campus Emergency Information: