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Jared Duker Lichtman, NSF Postdoc, Wins Oxford DPhil Prize

The prize is awarded to those who make a significant contribution to their field of study, and recognizes an excellent thesis.

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Professor Tadashi Tokieda Highlighted in Stanford Report

This profile details Professor Tokieda's captivating lectures and his unique take on mathematics.

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Incoming PhD Student Rupert Li Awarded Hertz Fellowship

Li was awarded the fellowship for his contributions to Mathematics, and will be joining the Stanford Math Department in 2025.


Andrei Mandelshtam, Stanford Math Undergrad, Named 2024 Goldwater Scholar

This scholarship supports students pursuing research careers in mathematics.

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Professor Sourav Chatterjee Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Chatterjee, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, was elected as part of the 2024 class of new members. 

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Technological Resources

We have plenty of resources around computing, phone use, and remote work available for Math department affiliates. 

Sloan Hall

Stanford Math Department Location


We support many programs, groups, and activities for undergraduates and high school students with a primary goal of helping to fuel passion and creativity in the community.

Newcomer Highlight: Luya Wang

Luya Wang joined our department this year as a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow.

Newcomer Highlight: Alex Rasmussen

Alex Rasmussen joined our department this year as a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow.

The Department of Mathematics welcomes gifts to a variety of funds, be they general-purpose funds to be used for the department’s greatest needs, donations in memory of our former colleagues, or for specific purposes.

Stanford Mathematics is seeking talented individuals to support department operations, student and faculty research, and the mission of advancing mathematical knowledge.