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Analysis & PDE

Analysis and PDE are a major strength of Stanford’s Department of Mathematics, with strong connections to geometry and applied mathematics (since PDE describe fundamental aspects of these fields). The fields of interest represented among the senior faculty include elliptic and parabolic PDE, especially in connection with Riemannian geometry; propagation phenomena such as waves and scattering theory, including Lorentzian geometry; microlocal analysis, which gives a phase space approach to PDE; geometric measure theory; and stochastic PDE and wave propagation in random media as well as PDE of applied mathematics.

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
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390 Serra Mall, Sequoia Hall 108
Postdoctoral Scholar
Building 380, 383-A
Szegö Assistant Professor
Building 380, 382-Q1
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Building 380, 382-Z
Professor of Mathematics, Cassius Lamb Professor in Natural Sciences
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Building 380, 383-R
Robert Grimmett Professor of Mathematics
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Building 380, 383-V
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Szegö Assistant Professor
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Robert Grimmett Professor in Mathematics
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Robert Grimmett Professor of Mathematics
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Building 380, 383-EE