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The probability group at Stanford is engaged in numerous research activities, including problems from statistical mechanics, analysis of Markov chains, mathematical finance, problems at the interface of probability theory and representation theory, random graphs, large deviations, combinatorial and discrete probability, and a variety of other areas. The graduate curriculum offers a wide array of courses in modern probability theory, ranging from a series of three foundational courses to more advanced topics courses that touch on current research. In addition to the core group of probabilists, Stanford also has many faculty working on applications of probability theory in theoretical statistics, machine learning, mathematical biology, computer science and other fields.

Szegö Assistant Professor
Building 380, 382-Q2
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics, Professor of Electrical Engineering (by courtesy)
(650) 725-2236
Building 380, 383-U
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
(650) 497-3652
390 Serra Mall, Sequoia Hall 108
Marjorie Mhoon Fair Professor in Quantitative Science, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor of Electrical Engineering (by courtesy)
(650) 723-1851
Building 380, 383-C
Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics
(650) 723-5183
Building 380, 383-D
(650) 736-6988
Building 380, 383-K
Stanford Science Fellow
Building 380, 384-C