Wednesday, April 13, 2022 3:15 PM
Nick Edelen (Notre Dame)

A 7D minimal and locally-stable hypersurface will in general have a discrete singular set, provided it has no singularities modeled on a union of half-planes.  We show in this talk that the geometry/topology/singular set of these surfaces has uniform control, in the following sense: if $M_i$ is a sequence of 7D minimal hypersurfaces with uniformly bounded index and area, and discrete singular set, then up to a subsequence all the $M_i$ are bi-Lipschitz equivalent, with uniform Lipschitz bounds on the maps.  As a consequence, we prove the space of $C^2$ embedded minimal hypersurfaces in a fixed $8$-manifold, having index $\leq I$, area $\leq \Lambda$, and discrete singular set, divides into finitely-many diffeomorphism types.