Tuesday, April 5, 2022 2:00 PM
Daniel Bump

Seminar website.

We will review the "usual paradigm" for a class of solvable lattice models including the six-vertex model and its generalizations. This attaches an element of a braided tensor category, such as the module category for a quantum group, to each edge of a grid. Examples found by Buciumas, Brubaker, Bump and Gustafsson related to quantum affine gl(r|n) seem to be slightly outside this paradigm. We will review the Kac modules for gl(r|n) and speculate how they might help with this puzzle. This line of thought leads to the following prediction: the q-Fock space of Kashiwara, Miwa and Stern, defined as a module for quantum affine gl(n), is secretly also a module for quantum affine gl(1|n).