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Course Title



MATH 19 Calculus Madnick
MATH 20 Calculus Kimport/ Zhu/ Savvas
MATH 21 Calculus Schaeffer/ Solis
MATH 51 Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus of Several Variables Wieczorek/ Ohrt/ Perlmutter
MATH 52 Integral Calculus of Several Variables Mueller
MATH 53 Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra Hershkovits
MATH 62CM Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods Fredrickson
MATH 63CM Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods Soundararajan
MATH 80Q Capillary Surfaces: Explored and Unexplored Territory Finn
MATH 101 Math Discovery Lab Church
MATH 104 Applied Matrix Theory Ying
MATH 106 Functions of a Complex Variable Zaman
MATH 108 Introduction to Combinatorics and Its Applications Manners
MATH 113 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory Kazeev
MATH 114 Introduction to Scientific Computing (Same as CME 108) Dunham
MATH 118 Mathematics of Computation Kazeev
MATH 121 Galois Theory Bump
MATH 131P Partial Differential Equations Zhu
MATH 146 Analysis on Manifolds Starkston
MATH 152 Elementary Theory of Numbers Tsai
MATH 162 Philosophy of Mathematics (Same as PHIL 162) De Toffoli
MATH 173 Theory of Partial Differential Equations Chatterjee
MATH 205B Real Analysis Luk
MATH 210B Modern Algebra II Li
MATH 215B Differential Topology Cohen
MATH 216B Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Vakil
MATH 230B Theory of Probability II (Same as STATS 310B) Siegmund
MATH 233A Topics in Combinatorics Vondrak
MATH 236 Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations Papanicolaou
MATH 238 Mathematical Finance (Same as STATS 250) Papanicolaou
MATH 245B Topics in Algebraic Geometry Li
MATH 249B Topics in Number Theory Tsai
MATH 256B Partial Differential Equations Weinstein
MATH 271 The H-Principle Eliashberg
MATH 283A Topics in Topology Galatius
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