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For Seminar Organizers

If you have a visitor traveling to Stanford to give a seminar talk, please fill out the Visitor Information Form.

Visitor Information Form

All visitors to the department should have an entry in the visitor information form.

If you would like to schedule a seminar outside of your standard time/location/weekday, please fill out the Events Room Reservation Form.

Events Room Reservation Form

To see current active room reservations, please refer to the Scheduling an Event page.

The weekly seminar list is sent out to the math colloquium and posted throughout the department on Friday mornings for the following week. Seminar event information must be uploaded to the math department website by seminar organizers no later than Thursdays at 12pm to be included in this weekly communication.

For questions or other requests, please reach out to Allison Winsatt at awinsatt [at] (awinsatt[at]stanford[dot]edu) or mathfrontdesk [at] (mathfrontdesk[at]stanford[dot]edu).