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Seminar Day and Time Location
Algebraic Geometry Friday 4:00pm Math 383-N
Analysis & PDE Monday 4:00pm Math 384-I
Analytic Number Theory Tuesdays 2:30pm Room 384-H
Applied Math Wednesday 4:30pm Math 384-H
Combinatorics Thursday 3:00pm Math 384-H
Department Colloquium Thursday 4:30pm Math 380-W
Faculty Area Research Wednesday 12:30pm Math 384-H
Geometry Wednesday 3:15pm Math 383-N
Informal Geometry & Topology Friday 3:00pm Math 384-H
Kiddie Colloquium Monday  12:30pm Math 383-N
Number Theory Monday 2:30pm Math 383-N
Probability Monday 4:00pm Sequoia Hall, 200
Stanford University Mathematical Organization (SUMO) Tuesday 5:30pm
Win & Spr Qtr Only
Student Algebraic Geometry Tuesday 4:00pm Math 384-I
Student Analysis Friday 10:30am Math 383-N
Student Low-Dimensional Topology Wednesday 4:15pm Math 383-N
Student Probability Friday 12:30pm Math 384-I
Student Probability Research Friday 4:00pm Math 3834-I
Student Symplectic Tuesday 4:00pm Math 384-H
Symplectic Geometry Monday 4:00pm Math 383-N
Topology Tuesday 4:00pm Math 384-I
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