Borga, Jacopo
Graduation Year
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Jacopo Borga

Szegö Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Building 380, 382-Q2
Research Area(s)
Field of Interest
Probability Theory
Faculty Advisor
Valentin Feŕay & Mathilde Bouvel, Institut für Mathematik of the Universität Zurich
First Position After Graduating
Szegö Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
Dissertation Title
Random Permutations: A geometric point of view
Degrees / Education
PhD in Mathematics (With Distinction), Institut für Mathematik of the Universität Zürich

Jacopo Borga has been at Stanford as a Szego Assistant Professor since September 2021. He completed his PhD at Institut für Mathematik of the Universität Zürich under Valentin Feŕay and Mathilde Bouvel.

Jacopo's main research interests are Probability theory with connections to combinatorics. To be specific, he focuses more on the study of the various random discrete structures such as random permutations, random walks, random trees and random planar maps.  

Jacopo also introduced a new universal family of limiting permutons, called Skew Brownian permuton. 

As of 2021, Jacopo has been awarded the Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award, which will be announced during the 42nd Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications 2022 in Wuhan, China. 

He also received PhD thesis distinction in 2021 at  the University of Zurich, awarded for the “excellence of the PhD thesis, outstanding research contributions, and the clear expertise in the research domain of random permutations.” and a INdAM Fellowship in 2012 from Isituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi, being the top 5% of 420 candidates.