Sussman, Ethan
Graduation Year
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Ethan Sussman

Szegö Assistant Professor
Building 380, 382-H
Research Area(s)
Field of Interest
Mathematical Physics
First Position After Graduating
Szegö Assistant Professor at Stanford
Dissertation Title
Scattering at threshold in massive wave propagation and ionization
Degrees / Education
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ethan Sussman joined our department this academic year (2023-24) as a Szegö Assistant Professor. He is currently teaching Math 21 in Winter, and Math 173 in Spring.

Ethan completed his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2023 and went on to join Stanford as a Szegö Assistant Professor. He is an analyst specializing in microlocal analysis and singular geometry and their applications to partial differential equations, while also holding interest in mathematical physics more broadly, e.g. in CFT.