Putnam Competition Results 2021

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Stanford’s Putnam Team (Quanlin Chen, Kevin Li and Rahul Thomas) have placed 4th in the 2021 Putnam competition, which was the 82nd annual competition. Twenty-seven Stanford undergraduates participated in the competition, and 17 of them placed in the top 500. 

A big congratulations to all the Stanford participants!  Many thanks also to Ciprian Manolescu who is currently directing our Putnam program. 


11th Place Overall:

Quanlin Chen

Honorable mentions (placed in Top 100):

Kevin Li
Rahul Thomas 

Placed in Top 200:

Katherine Yu
Andrei Mandelshtam
Zichuan Xu

Placed in Top 500:

Tae Kyu Kim
Aoden Teo
Sidhart Krishnan
David Kewei Lin
Matias Shundi
Anthony Zhan
Bradley Moon
Michael Cho
Ian Ruohoniemi
Yunchu Dai
Danny Sallis

The William Lowell Putnam Competition is the preeminent undergraduate mathematics competition. For more information on the Putnam Competition, including access to the 2021 Announcement of Winners, please visit their website.