Professor George Papanicolaou named winner of 2019 Lagrange Prize

The International Council for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) has awarded Stanford Mathematics Professor George Papanicolaou the 2019 Lagrange Prize. According the ICIAM website, the Lagrange Prize “was established to provide international recognition to individual mathematicians who have made an exceptional contribution to applied mathematics throughout their careers.”  The 2019 prizes will be presented at the next ICIAM Congress in Valencia, Spain from July 15-19, 2019.

Professor Papanicolaou is recognized for his brilliant use of mathematics to solve important problems in science and engineering; in particular, problems involving inhomogeneity, wave propagation, random media diffusion, scattering, focusing, imaging, and finance. The selection sub-committee writes that Professor Papanicolaou “has devoted his long and productive career to the analysis and prediction of the many phenomena in the world around us that involved multiple scales and are best viewed as random. The tools he developed include some that are rooted in “pure” analysis and probability theory, combined with asymptotics and computation.  Though the specific applications are many and diverse, the body of his work constitutes a coherent and broadly applicable whole.”

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