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Honoring Putnam Competition Top Performers

large group of students standing in front of building

The Pólya seminar last year was generously supported by Two Sigma Investments.  Their support allows us to give out cash prizes for the many students who performed excellently in the Putnam competition.  The recipients of this award are (pictured in no particular order):
Morris Ang
Andrew Chen
Ursula Hebert Johnson
Richard Heru
Harrison Ho
Luis Kumanduri
Pengda Liu
Yelena Mandelshtam
Nitya Mani
Boris Perkhounkov
Huy Pham
Raj Raina
Pras Ramakrishnan
Patrick Revilla
Ethan Sussman
David Xing
Nina Zubrilina
Not pictured: James Allen, Bryce Cai, Albert Zhang