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Graduating Seniors Awarded For Their Honors Thesis Work

Shaunak Bhandarkar, Owen Brass, and Benjamin Pryzybocki

Math majors Shaunak Bhandarkar, Owen Brass and Benjamin Pryzybocki were awarded for their honors thesis work this year. 

Shaunak Bhandarkar was awarded the George Pólya Prize for his thesis, titled “Neuromodulated Low-Rank Recurrent Neural Networks: A Mechanistic Account of Neuromodulation in Shaping Flexible Neural Dynamics”, advised by Professor Scott Lindermann (Statistics). This award recognizes outstanding honors theses from graduating seniors in our department. 

Owen Brass and Benjamin Pryzybocki have both been awarded the Firestone Medal. The Firestone Medal Award recognizes the top ten percent of all honors theses in the social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering and applied sciences. 

Owen Brass’s thesis, titled “Involutive Floer Homology and Surfaces in Smooth Four-Manifolds”, was advised by Professor Ciprian Manolescu.

Benjamin Pryzybocki’s thesis, titled “Theoretical aspects of satisfiability modulo theories”, was advised by Professor Clark Barrett (Computer Science). 

We offer our hearty congratulations!