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Graduating Seniors Awarded For Their Honors Thesis Work

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Math majors Jake Kaplan, Wenqi Li, and Gautam Manohar are being awarded for their honors thesis work this year. 

Jake Kaplan has been awarded the Undergraduate Research Award for his thesis, titled “On the Complexity of Counting Small Cliques”, advised by Professor Aviad Rubinstein (Computer Science). This award recognizes outstanding honors theses from graduating seniors in our department. 

Wenqi Li and Gautam Manohar have both been awarded the Firestone Medal. The Firestone Medal Award recognizes the top ten percent of all honors theses in the social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering and applied sciences. 

Wenqi Li’s thesis, titled “Fusion Rings over Drinfeld Doubles”, was advised by Professor Dan Bump.

Gautam Manohar’s thesis, titled “Improved Decay and Mass Inflation for the Spherically Symmetric Einstein–Maxwell–Scalar Field System”, was advised by Professor Jonathan Luk. 

Gautam Manohar was also awarded the Kennedy Thesis Prize in the Natural Sciences. The Kennedy Thesis Prize is awarded annually to the single best thesis in each of the four areas of arts & humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering & applied sciences.

We offer our hearty congratulations!