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2017 Putnam Competition Results

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Putnam Competition 2017 Participants


The announcement of winners for the 2017 Putnam Mathematical Competition has been made.

The seventy-eighth Putnam Competition was held on December 2, 2107, and Stanford students performed admirably. The following undergraduates participated in the competition: Bryce Cai, Kenneth Chang, Andrew Chen, Chady Hamida, Richard Heru, Pengda Liu, Sagnik Majumder, Yelena Mandelshtam, John Mistele, Huy Pham, Samuel Redmond, Patrick Revilla, Eric Tang, Felix Wang, Brian Zhang, Hanzhi Zheng, Nina Zubrilina.

The Stanford team of Huy Pham, Richard Heru and Patrick Revilla finished 30th in the country. Here are some highlights from the results:

Honorable Mention:

  • Huy Pham
  • Hanzhi Zheng

Top 200 Finish:

  • John Mistele

Honor Roll of the Top 500:

  • Bryce Cai
  • Andrew Chen
  • Pengda Liu
  • Sagnik Majumder
  • Yelena Mandelshtam
  • Sam Redmond
  • Brian Zhang
  • Nina Zubrilina

Two Sigma/Mary Sunseri Awards for outstanding performance by women in the Putnam:

  • Yelena Mandelshtam
  • Hanzhi Zheng
  • Nina Zubrilina

For more information on the Putnam Competition, including access to the 2017 Announcement of Winners, please visit their website