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2013 Putnam Competition Results

The 2013 Putnam results indicate that Stanford had another excellent year!

The team consisting of Vishal Arul, Ravi Fernando, and Sam Keller finished third, which is our best showing yet! The Department receives an award of $15,000, and the team members an award of $600 each. The top five teams are (1) MIT, (2) Carnegie-Mellon, (3) Stanford, (4) Harvard, and (5) Caltech.

The top individual performer from Stanford was Ravi Fernando, who ranked 23rd placing him in the "N2" category (top 25).

Seven students received Honorable Mention.

  • Herman Chau
  • Charles Chen
  • Sam Keller
  • Lyuboslav Panchev
  • Jeong Soo Sim
  • Lynnelle Ye
  • Zhivko Zhechev

The cutoff for an Honorable Mention was 49 points and a rank of 76.5.

Distribution of students getting HM or higher: MIT (35!), Harvard (10), Stanford (8), Carnegie-Mellon (7), Princeton (3), Yale (3), Caltech (3).

— Four students featured in the top 201. They are:

  • Vishal Arul
  • Jack Chen
  • Hieu Pham
  • Brian Wai

— Seven students finished in the "Honor Roll" of the list of top five hundred students sent out with the Putnam results:

  • Cynthia Day
  • Caroline Ellison
  • Mark Holmstrom
  • Tony Jin
  • Harry Levine
  • Boris Perkhounkov
  • Bryce Taylor

In all we had 19 students in the "Honor Roll". MIT topped this with 87 students; Carnegie-Mellon (35), Harvard (34), Princeton (11), Caltech (11).

— The cutoff for the honor roll this year was 21 points. Narrowly missing out were Ingerid Fosli, Pehg Hui How, Matthew Mistele, Prithvi Ramakrishnan, Todor Markov, Matt Staib, Albert Chen, Tony He, and Renjie You. They all got two questions right.

— Getting one question correct: Tommy Fan, Rio Lavigne, Harrison Ho.

Fun Putnam stats:
About 400 students, 557 schools. Median score 1. Top score 99. The top 5 scored between 88-99 points (out of 120). Problems A5, A6, and B6 had interesting point distributions: fewer than a dozen people got credit for these problems.

Congratulations to all our participants on yet another commendable performance!