Wednesday, April 7, 2021 2:00 PM
Jason Saied

SSV polynomials are a new family of polynomials discovered by Sahi, Stokman, and Venkateswaran, generalizing both Macdonald polynomials and metaplectic Iwahori Whittaker functions. Similarly to both of these families, SSV polynomials satisfy a recursion coming from a Hecke algebra representation. We will use this recursion to give a combinatorial formula for SSV polynomials in terms of alcove walks, generalizing Ram and Yip's formula for Macdonald polynomials.

Relevant papers: A combinatorial formula for SSV polynomials, Metaplectic representations of Hecke algebras, Weyl group actions, and associated polynomials, A combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomials, Metaplectic Iwahori Whittaker functions and supersymmetric lattice models

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