Friday, October 21, 2022 12:00 PM
Matt Larson (Stanford University)

The monodromy conjecture predicts a relationship between the motivic zeta function of a hypersurface V(f), which governs the number of solutions to f = 0 (mod p^n) if f has integer coefficients and p is a sufficiently large prime, and the eigenvalues of the monodromy action on the cohomology of the Milnor fiber, which is a topological invariant of the complex hypersurface. When f is nondegenerate with respect to its Newton polyhedron, which is true for "generic" polynomials, there are combinatorial formulas for both the motivic zeta function and the eigenvalue of monodromy. I will describe recent results (joint with S. Payne and A. Stapledon) which prove a version of the monodromy conjecture for nondegenerate polynomials which have a simplicial Newton polyhedron.

(This talk may be hybrid; we haven't decided yet.)