On the asymptotic behavior of solutions to the linearised Einstein vacuum equations in gravitational collapse

Leonhard Kehrberger (Cambridge)
Tue, Oct 11 2022, 4:00pm

Abstract: When studying the late-time asymptotics of solutions to the (linearised) Einstein equations in gravitational collapse, a key conceptual difficulty is that we have no direct physical understanding on what to assume on initial data.

In this talk (based on joint work with D. Gajic), I will first show how different assumptions on data translate into different late-time asymptotics for the corresponding solutions. Then, building on an idea
by Christodoulou from 20 years ago, I will present a scattering construction from the infinite past that produces a physical prediction on what to assume on initial data.

Combined, these results finally give a physical prediction for the asymptotics of gravitational waves at late-times.