Stanford University

Transfer Credit Process

You only need to transfer credit to the Mathematics Department if you are a current Mathematics Major or Minor. 

Transfer credit must be approved by the University Registrar’s Office and listed on your Stanford transcript before it can be used towards your Math major or minor requirements. Please see the Universities Transfer Credit page for more information.  Having it on your transcript does not mean it automatically gets applied towards the major or minor.  Once it is on your transcript, majors and minors must then get it approved by the department if they wish to use it towards fulfilling major or minor requirements.  Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Complete the Request to Use Transfer Credit Towards Math Major/Minor Requirements Form for each course and attach all necessary documentation (detailed course description, syllabus, and unofficial transcript).
  2. Submit it at least two quarters prior to graduation.
  3. Once your transfer credit has been reviewed by faculty, the Student Services Specialist will contact you with the results of the review to let you know which courses have been approved for use towards the major or minor.

Note: The department cannot give more credit towards the major or minor than what the equivalent Stanford Math course offers, nor more than the amount of units that Stanford accepts.  For example, if a student is transferring the equivalent to Math 52 (which is 5 Stanford units) and received 6 units from the Stanford Registrar, only 5 can count towards the Math major or minor.  If the student received 4 units from the Stanford Registrar for the Math 52 equivalent, only 4 can count towards the major or minor.


Request to Use Transfer Credit Towards Math Major/Minor Requirements Form


Not a Math major or minor? Any questions concerning the applicability of transfer courses towards that major or minor, or prerequisites for another department’s courses must be resolved within the other major or minor's department.