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Sample Course Plans

Getting Started

Students majoring in mathematics have a wide range of eventual interests: some go into academia (in a variety of fields), and many pursue careers in finance, cryptography, the tech industry, and so on.

The sample course plans below illustrate course selections that one can make as a Math major depending on one’s eventual aims, and are merely one possibility for each of the areas of interest listed; there are many other choices that a Math major can make within each area of interest (such as for the balance of courses between those in the Math department and math-related electives in other departments).

The 3-unit Math 56 can be used as part of any of the sample plans provided below in place of any of the listed 3-unit Math department courses (or as part of the Elective units), for those who choose that option to learn proof-writing.

Applied Math Cryptography Data Science Finance

Graduate School Physics Pure and Applied

Computer Graphics / Numerical Methods  Evolution and Ecology