Stanford University

Major Requirements

Official Requirements:

Departmental Requirements for the Math Major:

The Math major requires 64 units.  (For information on the Honors track, see the Honors Math Major page.)

  • 49 units of math courses all taken for a letter grade (at least 24 must be taken from Stanford).
    • 8 Math courses numbered above 63. 
    • AP Calculus credit can count towards these 49 units
    • Stats 116, Phil 151, and Phil 152 are viewed as Math Department courses and can count towards the 49 units.
    • Math Q courses can also count towards the 49 units.
    • If a course is cross-listed, in order for it to be used towards the 49 units, majors MUST enroll in the Math section.
  • 15 additional units of electives
    • Math Department courses numbered 101 and above or from approved out-of-department electives (see the Electives page for more information)
    • Math 199 may only be counted towards electives, not towards the core 49 units above.
    • At least 9 of these units must be taken for a letter grade (so majors may take up to 6 units for CR/NC).
  • The Math 50 series is highly recommended.
  • Math 51M and Math 193 cannot be counted towards the major or minor.
  • One WIM (Writing in the Major) course is a University requirement for the major and must be taken for a letter grade.
    • The Math WIM courses to choose from are: Math 101, Math 109, Math 110, Math 120, and Math 171.
    • Please note: Math 101 must be taken 2015-16 or after to be a valid WIM course

To help you plan your courses and track the major requirements, use: 

Math Major Checklist

Students with a double major or a minor should be aware:

  • Only Math 50/60CM/60DM series and first-year calculus can be double counted. 
  • If the constraints are a problem, students have the option of declaring Math as a secondary major which allows unlimited double-counting.  (See here for information on a secondary major, at the bottom of the page.)