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Official Requirements:

The official requirements can be found on our Bulletin page.  The department requirements are in addition to the University’s basic requirements for undergraduate degrees. The department expects majors to be familiar with this information.  If you have questions, please contact the Student Services Specialist.


Departmental Requirements for the Math Major:

The Math major requires 64 units.  (For information on the Honors track, see the Honors Math major page.)

  • 49 units must be from Math Department classes and all taken for a letter grade.
    • AP Calculus credit can count towards these 49 units
    • Stats 116, Phil 151, and Phil 152 are viewed as Math Department courses and can count towards the 49 units.
    • Math Q courses can also count towards the 49 units.
    • If a course is cross-listed, in order for it to be used towards the 49 units, majors MUST enroll in the Math section.
  • 15 additional units of electives
    • Math Department courses numbered 101 and above or from approved out-of-department electives (see the Electives page for more information)
    • Math 199 may only be counted towards electives, not towards the core 49 units above.
    • At least 9 of these units must be taken for a letter grade (so majors may take up to 6 units for CR/NC).
  • The Math 50 series is highly recommended.
  • Math 51M and Math 193 cannot be counted towards the major or minor.
  • One WIM (Writing in the Major) course is a University requirement for the major and must be taken for a letter grade.
    • The Math WIM courses to choose from are: Math 101, Math 109, Math 110, Math 120, and Math 171.
    • Please note: Math 101 must be taken 2015-16 or after to be a valid WIM course


To help you plan your courses and track the major requirements, you can look at the Math Major Checklist

Students with a double major or a minor should be aware that the only courses that the Math Department allows to be double-counted are the Math 50/60CM/60DM series and first-year calculus.  If the constraints on double-counting become a problem, students have the option of declaring Math as a secondary major which allows unlimited double-counting.  (See here for information on a secondary major, at the bottom of the page.)

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