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Dylan Liu Andras Vasy Scattering Theory Liu Thesis
Gyujin Oh Brian Conrad Brauer Obstructions of Finite Groups of Lie Type in View of the Local Langlands Correspondance Oh Thesis
Alex Stephanus Ralph Cohen Homology Theory, Morse Theory, and the Morse
Homology Theorem
Stephanus Thesis
Ben Zhou Andras Vasy Spacetime Geometries Zhou Thesis
Ying Hong Tham Yakov Eliashberg Singularities of Hypersurfaces to Distributions Tham Thesis 
2015 Vishal Arul Kannan Soundararajan Bounding the Prime Gaps Arul Thesis
Atticus Christensen Brian Conrad Deformation Theory Christensen Thesis
Arun Debray Akshay Venkatesh Modular Representation Theory and the CDE Triangle Debray Thesis
Michael Lindsey Rafe Mazzeo Two Views on Optimal Transport and Its Numerical Solution Lindsey Thesis
Jack Petok Daniel Bump CM Elliptic Curves and Class Field Theory Petok Thesis
Bryce Taylor Elliptic Curves and Factorization Algorithms Taylor Thesis
Ian Ball
Bryan Hooi Susan Holmes Tracing Infectious Diseases using Genetic and Spatial Data Hooi Thesis
Dewey Kemp Rick Schoen
John Ryan Daniel Bump Gelfand Pairs, Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group, and the Theory of Spherical Functions Ryan Thesis
Akhil Vohra Paul Milgrom On the Near-Optimality of The Reverse Deferred Acceptance Algorithm Vohra Thesis
Lynnelle Ye Kannan Soundararajan Bounding Sums of the Möbius function over arithmetic progressions Ye Thesis
Yongwhan Lim Persi Diaconis A Markov Chain Case Study: Card Shuffling Lim Thesis
Seth Shelley-Abrahamson Daniel Bump Hopf Modules and Representations of Finite Groups of Lie Type Shelley-Abrahamson Thesis
Emmanuel Tsukerman Simon Brendle Isoperimetric Inequalities and the Alexandrov Theorem Tsukerman Thesis 
Joseph Victor Gunnar Carlsson Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres and The Hopf Invariant One Problem Victor Thesis
Moor Xu Persi Diaconis
Anthony Bosman Eleny Ionel Bott Periodicity Bosman Thesis
Charlotte Chan
Jong-Min Choi
Soumitra Kulkarni
Pak-Hin Lee Brian Conrad Brauer Obstruction to Descending the Fields of Definition for Representations of Finite Groups
Seok Hyeong Lee
Brian Lewis Grigori Mints Decidable Fragments and Skolemization in Superintuitionistic and Modal Logics Lewis Thesis
Ted Westling
Rafi Witten
Jonah Brown-Cohen Gunnar Carlsson A Topological Method for Three-Dimensional Symmetry Detection in Images Brown-Cohen Thesis
Marcello Herreshoff Grigori Mints Provability as a Modal Operator with the models of PA as the Worlds Herreshoff Thesis
Justin Hsu Kannan Soundararajan The Partition Function and Modular Forms Hsu Thesis
Christos Mantoulidis Leon Simon Regularity of Hypersurfaces in Rn+1 Moving by Mean Curvature Flow Mantoulidis Thesis
Connor Mooney Simon Brendle An Introduction to Curve-Shortening and the Ricci Flow Mooney Thesis
Pranav Nanda Gunnar Carlsson Assessing a 2-System Model of Quasi-Hyperbolic Temporal Discounting Nanda Thesis
Elina Robeva Persi Diaconis An Extensive Survey of Graceful Trees Robeva Thesis
Nathaniel Shar Persi Diaconis Transforming Inductive Proofs to Bijective Proofs Shar Thesis
Peter Smillie Richard Shoen An Introduction to the Positive Mass Theorem
Benjamin Stetler Richard Shoen The Ricci Flow on Surfaces and the Uniformization Theorem Stetler Thesis
Stefan Wager Persi Diaconis Clumpy Riffle Shuffles Wager Thesis
Otis Chodosh Andras Vasy Infinite Matrix Representations of Classes of Pseudo-Differential Operators Chodosh Thesis
Jackson Gorham Matthew Kahle A Computational Topology Approach to Hard Spheres In a Box Gorham Thesis
Akihiko Nishimura Eleny Ionel Classification of Two-dimensional Manifolds Using Morse Theory Nishimura Thesis
Edward Schmerling Kannan Soundararajan An Improved Bound for Characterizing Integer-Value Factorial Ration Sequences Schmerling Thesis
Dinah Shender Persi Diaconis Strong Stationary Times for Non-Uniform Markov Chains Shender Thesis
Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman Rafe Mazzeo An Asymptotic Faber-Krahn Inequality for the Cominatorial Laplacian on ² Shlapentokh-Rothman Thesis 
 Justin Solomon Richard Schoen  Discrete Killing Fields for Pattern Synthesis and Symmetry Detection  Solomon Thesis 
 Philip Vuong Grigori Mints Algebraic Completeness of Open ([0,1])/Null  Vuong Thesis
 Andrew Yarmola Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson Persistence and Computation of the Cup Product  Yarmola Thesis

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