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Spring 2017 MATH 63DM Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods Vondrak,J MATH 106 Functions of a Complex Variable Li,J MATH 109 Applied Group Theory Wieczorek,W MATH 113 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory Li,J MATH 120 Groups and Rings Li,J MATH 122 Modules and Group Representations Wilson,J...

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Winter 2017

...1/ MATH 131P Partial Differential Equations I Fredrickson,L MATH 145 Algebraic Geometry Vakil,R MATH 146 Analysis on Manifolds Wieczorek, W MATH 148 Algebraic Topology Kerckhoff,S MATH 152 Elementary Theory of Numbers Diaconis,P MATH 161 Set Theory Sommer,R MATH 205B Real Analysis...

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Combinatorics concerns the study of discrete objects. It has applications to diverse areas of mathematics and science, and has played a particularly important role in the development of computer science. While it is arguably as old as counting, combinatorics has grown remarkably in the past half century alongside the rise of computers. It borrows tools from diverse areas of mathematics. Examples include the probabilistic method, which was...

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Autumn 2016

...culus (Accelerated) Yang,T MATH 51 Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus of Several Variables Kemeny,M; Wilson, J; Lucianovic, M (Head) MATH 52 Integral Calculus of Several Variables Wieczorek,W MATH 53 Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra Fredrickson,L MATH 61CM Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods Vasy,A...

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Analysis and PDE

Analysis and PDE are a major strength of Stanford’s Department of Mathematics, with strong connections to geometry and applied mathematics (since PDE describe fundamental aspects of these fields). The fields of interest represented among the senior faculty include elliptic and parabolic PDE, especially in connection with Riemannian geometry; propagation phenomena such as waves and scattering theory, including Lorentzian geometry;...

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